Gravesend John Bull

The first gig of 2017 was in Gravesend at one of the finest music venues in the south of England – Leo’s Red Lion. Jane Pearce left the band at the end of 2016, leaving rhythm guitarist Dan Spellman to take over on lead vocals for the transitional phase. Leading up to the gig the band spent some time in the studio reworking some arrangements and keys of songs to suit Dan’s vocals, as well as adding a couple of new numbers to freshen things up for the new year. While members of the audience were unsure of what to expect from the new-look Red Butler, the band were quietly confident that the show would be a success. Dan’s voice has almost been kept secret from the wider blues and rock scene but Gravesend was about to be the first place to let rip.

The build up to the gig was not without its challenges – a broken down van 2 nights before the show caused a brief panic, but where there’s a will there’s a way and a back up van was arranged in time for the trip to Kent.

As for the show itself, from the band’s point of view it was a spectacular night and up there with the very best of Red Butler gigs in terms of pretty much everything: Venue – perfect (thanks Steve), sound – perfect (thanks Vic), audience – perfect (thanks Andy, and of course our wonderful and devoted Red Butler followers). Song after song, the set flew by and not without a visit from the Big Bad Wolf! Granted, the band may sound a little different, but the vibes on stage and the audience response were as good as it gets! A big thank you to everyone that made the gig possible, and for believing in the new line up. Next stop, it’s sure to be another cracker of a night at the 100 Club with Aynsley Lister….

Photo by John Bull